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    Kron Los Angeles Sunday practice.

    Kron Los Angeles

    Dear Seeker. Kron Los Angeles is a martial arts school that teaches sound martial skills, based on Historical European sources. You will learn how to use a longsword, an arming sword and buckler, a messer, a dagger, a spear, a poleaxe and...

    Open to the Unknown Through Intuition and Sensitivity with Yoga - Sydney

    Yoga in the Park

    Please arrive 10 minutes early because we begin at 10:00am promptly and ends at 11am. We take Cash or Credit Cards for payment at class. The charge will be a $10.00 charge. Please bring exact change or a credit card (we use a square reader)....

    PASADENA: October 2018 Meditation Meetup


    Join us for the upcoming Meditation Meetup which will be held on Sunday, October 21, 2018 starting at 10am. We will start off with a group recitation of the Blue Sutra and then have a self-reflection for personal development from some of the...

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