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Harry Khayalian
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    SADHANA: 4:15am Spiritual Practice - Free
    8-16-18 12:00 pm - LACERA Gateway
    Urban Healers of Los Angeles

    Yep.  This class happens at 4:15am in the morning.  Ever done yoga that early?  It is a powerful cleansing experience everyone should try at least once!  Kundalini yoga is very different from Hatha in that it uses mantra chanting as well as...

    Small Business Owners Network Round Table - 3rd Thursday of the Month
    8-16-18 12:00 pm - LACERA Gateway
    Pasadena Small Business Owners Networking Group

    Current Agenda:30-second "elevator speeches".How we have grown our network.Resources for local businesses, such as workshops and webinars.Goals set and accomplished.Feedback session for business issues brought up by members.Whatever we want to...

    ToastMasters meeting
    8-16-18 12:00 pm - LACERA Gateway
    Lake Avenue Toastmasters Club

    Greetings, We look forward to meeting you today at our club. How to get to our meeting?-Once you reach the LACERA Gateway building, please check in with the security desk in the lobby and tell them you are there for Toastmasters. Simply follow...

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    Please have a look around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be of assistance.

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